Wednesday 1 July 2020
Time: 7am Seattle, 10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Munich, 10pm Singapore

Our first and second editions of RES Forum Live! were both great successes, each with over 100 attendees and with very positive reviews. So we are pleased to announce the third edition on 1 July, which will develop the theme of GM Reset and respond to your input, by focussing on putting the new GM model into practice.

We will be applying the unique RES Forum approach to GM, which takes a holistic view across our industry, from the perspectives of corporate GM, RES Forum technical partners and leading academic researchers. The event will be fully interactive, with all attendees able to join via Zoom, and with polling to gauge the views of attendees in real time. We will spend longer in breakout discussions open to all, and on plenary feedback. We will also explore how to manage and mitigate the main practical risks which emerge as organisations implement the new GM model.

The event will last 75 minutes and will provide you with valuable practical take-aways to help you whatever your GM role. Registration information is provided below. We look forward to seeing you on 1 July.


3.00pm - Introduction – The New GM Model – how our industry can adapt and develop a 21st century, post-crisis approach to international working in a world comprising 20th century nation states.

Jon Devitt (Host), David Schofield (Strategic Adviser, The RES Forum)

Panel Discussions - how all parts of our industry – corporate, service providers and academic researchers – are addressing the new GM model.

3.05pm - the view from Corporate GM Leaders
David J Rooney (Director PAS EY), Emmarie Castaneda (Global Mobility Leader, Unilever, Philippines), Bill Baker (Director Relocation, Cox Enterprises), Benjamin Bader (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University Business School)

3.15pm - the view from RES Forum Technical Partners
Alan Fergusson (Director of Employee Benefits, WBN Global), Paul Bailey (Manager Europe, Culture Wizard), Mark Costa-Rising (Group Sales & Marketing Director, AGM Group, Harmony Relocation Member), Professor Michael Dickmann (Cranfield University School of Management)

3.25pm - Breakout Sessions via Zoom, followed at 3.45pm by Plenary Feedback – the challenges being encountered as the new GM model takes shape and the solutions which can be applied. (Led by RES Forum Partners Jose Segade & Andrea Piacentini and David Schofield, Strategic Adviser)

3.50pm - Practical Risk Management – the new GM model brings a range of risks – how can these be managed and mitigated in practice? Nicola Elcock (Marketing Director, Anvil Group), Matthew Judge (Managing Director, Anvil Group)

4.10pm - 4.15pm - Key Take-aways and Wrap-Up

Jon Devitt, Professor Michael Dickmann (Cranfield University School of Management), David Enser (Managing Partner, The RES Forum)

RES Forum Live! #3 is brought to you in association with our Technical Partners

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