Wednesday 16 September 2020
Time: 7am Seattle, 10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Munich, 10pm Singapore

Our highly-rated recent series of RES Forum Live! events has shown how all parts of the Global Mobility industry – corporate leaders, service providers and academic researchers – are responding to the current challenges and opportunities presented not just by the Covid-19 crisis but also by the rapid changes in the wider spheres of business and society. Given this context, GM leaders have to meet a wide range of demands: instilling resilience and flexibility in GM policies, systems and people; promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace; developing local talent alongside adding value from global talent; responding to movements for social justice; ensuring that GM plays a key role in strategic business decisions; and building a sustainable and responsible approach to Global Mobility.

RES Forum Live! #4 on Wednesday 16 September will therefore show how GM leaders – corporate, technical and academic – are addressing these issues in practice by developing resilient, sustainable and flexible approaches to Global Mobility. You are invited to join us, to learn from and to contribute to what will be another very innovative and interactive event. You can help us to “take the temperature” of our industry at a crucial point in the development of Global Mobility.

The main agenda items will be:

  • Introduction and setting the scene – what does resilience, sustainability and flexibility in GM look like?
  • Building a sustainable and responsible approach to GM – a summary of the latest RES Forum academic research, carried out in conjunction with our technical partners;
  • Another of our very popular panel sessions, with a diverse group of corporate and service provider panellists from around the world sharing information on how they are dealing in practice with volatility and uncertainty. The panel will comprise: Lindsey Hare (Director International Mobility & Diversity & Inclusion at Santander Bank, N.A.), Vicki Ng (Senior Program Manager Global University at adidas), Ginni Di Gregorio (Director Mobility Transformation, EY, PAS), Isabelle Harsch (CEO, Harsch).
  • Live polling giving immediate audience responses to key questions;
  • Zoom break-out sessions which allow all attendees to discuss and share their experiences of the themes we have covered;
  • A closing summary of take-away points, to help us all to build resilience, sustainability and flexibility in our Global Mobility roles.

We very much look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 16 September for RES Forum Live! #4!

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