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Whilst the RES Forum was created as an in-house only networking forum, we do recognise that there are providers working within the field of Global Mobility and International HR who have a wealth and depth of knowledge and expertise that they can offer to the Forum and our members, particularly those that would be considered the 'best-in-class' at what they do. To be able to benefit from such experience the Forum has established a relationship with several organisations to work with us as our preferred Technical Partners. Technical Partners are there to offer our members access to specialist knowledge and in-depth advice. They will also provide the opportunity for our members to attend unique events and learning sessions hosted exclusively by our Technical Partners. Technical Partner categories are :

  • Risk Management
  • Intercultural Training
  • Mobility Management IT solutions
  • HR / GM Transformation
  • International Expat Partner Support
  • International Household Goods Moving
  • Destination Services Provision
  • Relocation Management Company
  • Destination Service Provider
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Expatriate Employee Engagement
  • International Employee Benefits

As a member of the RES Forum, if you have a question you want to direct specifically to one of our Technical Partners click on the button to the right.


Global Connection

International Expat Partner Support

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International Household Goods Moving

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Relocate Global

Media Partner

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Temporary Accommodation

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Talent Mobility Search

Talent Mobility Search

Mobility Recruitment

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Destination Services Provision

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