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The RES Forum

The RES Forum was created in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now the largest and most active network, specialising in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics.

How it all Started

The RES Forum was originally founded by a small group of Global Mobility practitioners with a passion to create an independent community for in-house Global Mobility professionals, a place to get together and chat about all the things that are relevant to mobility. Over time the Forum has expanded to also include International HR and Compensation & Benefit professionals as well; particularly, those who have involvement in worldwide programmes and initiatives. A key principle of The RES Forum was that we did not want to be commercially driven by external parties or third-party vendors, so that we can focus on what is actually important to us in our day-to-day roles. We did wish to collaborate, however, with those who we considered to be the 'best-in-class' in the terms of their service provision, and so created our Technical Partner programme as an added dimension for our members. Another founding objective of The RES Forum was to make the lives of our members easier and to foster a spirit of sharing, teaching and personal development. We are, therefore, somewhat uniquely, a truly independent community which is characterised by the high level of participation, trust and collaboration amongst our members and partners. Although the size of the Forum has grown exponentially in the past few years, we still hold true to these principles today and it is the foundation on which we continue to build and develop the Forum for the future.

The Forum’s Vision

At The RES Forum we have a few fundamental aims which form the basis of our vision for the Forum and these are:

  • To be an objective and easy-to-use resource that assists and helps member companies with their international HR and mobility queries
  • To provide our members with comprehensive benchmark programmes that cover policy and practice across a wide range of industry sectors
  • To provide our members with the ability to raise a question and find an answer across our network of participating members, companies and Technical Partners
  • To offer opportunities for professional development to our member companies through participation in Forum initiatives
  • To assist each other through collaboration and knowledge sharing to build an unrivalled community of engaged global HR professionals
  • To try and keep things as light-hearted and fun as possible and, hopefully, make some new friends along the way

The RES Forum Today

The Forum has gone from strength-to-strength and is now recognised as a leader in the facilitation of inter-peer networking within the fields of International HR, Global Mobility and International Compensation and Benefits. Today the RES Forum has representation in EMEA, APAC and the AMERICAS looking after:

  • 820 member organisations and 1850 in-house members across all regions.
  • Active members in over 41 countries including Australia, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, India, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK and USA
  • Growing participation (emails & e-surveys)
    • 2019 - 410 data requests /5847 responses

What our Members Say

I have been a member of the RES Forum now for many years. I joined primarily to extend my network of Global Mobility professionals for discussion and benchmarking purposes. Being a standalone Global Mobility person in-house can be isolating and being part of a Mobility network is invaluable to me.

From being part of the RES Forum, I have been able to network with highly knowledgeable peers in Global Mobility, also to assist others who are new into Global Mobility and develop connections that have helped me in my work. The fact that the group tend to be like minded, helpful to other members and fun is always a plus!
Caroline Thorley-Farrer, Regional International Assignment Manager, British American Tobacco, Singapore

I stumbled across and joined the RES forum 5 years ago when seeking peer to peer benchmarking. My industry sector was not participating in round tables, and there was a distinct lack of non FMCG/Gas & Oil or banking benchmarking available at that time. Since then the RES Forum has played a pivotal part in my policy design, data insights, and general ‘up skilling’ of me and my team. Where else can you get free insights on housing conditions in Ghana, pollution policies in China and evacuation protocols in Egypt at the click of an email from a trusted source of subject matter experts?

I thought about keeping this forum a secret, a secret weapon if you must! But that was futile. Such good forums are hard to keep secret and its growth is testament to this.
Carolyn Milligan, Head of Global Mobility, Kantar, Singapore

I joined the RES Forum during early 2010. I had previously subscribed to other paid forums or used Social Networks aimed at professionals. I found these either too expensive or too slow. The quality and diversity of the companies within the RES forum is excellent. I can quickly access over 300 multinational companies with direct questions. People respond very quickly and information is shared very openly. It's a great source for benchmarking and getting support from peers on such issues as policy, immigration, tax and payroll.
Dr. Adrian Moule, Group Director Global Mobility, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat).