Do you know what happens when you respond to a RES Forum Survey?
  1. We receive your results into our database
  2. We analyse the results, and for e-surveys we write a short summary to share with members
  3. Within four - six weeks, we email the results to those that have participated, and we add the results to our learning library for all of our members to see
  4. OR, for our annual report surveys, we collate the results and add them to the findings of our Annual Report, published in the spring of each year.
How to search for surveys and Q&A’s in the learning library.

Why not take a look to see what knowledge RES members have shared that can help you with issues that your are facing today?

Results of all past surveys are posted to the learning library on our website which members can access any time by logging in. You can use the search facility to search for anything that is of interest to you. Here’s how-

Go to the home page and click login in the top right hand corner (your username is your email address, and you can reset your password here if you don’t remember it)

When logged in, scroll about halfway down the home page and click on “Learning Library” on the left hand side

In the “search the library” field on the right of the screen, type in the data that you would like to search for, e.g. ‘Allowances’ or ‘India’ and click search

The search function will display everything that relates to your query

How do you access Annual Reports Survey Data?

You can also access our past annual reports giving the results of all of our annual report research surveys here


If you have any questions about our learning library or about participating in these surveys, email us on

How to Post a Job Vacancy on the RES Forum Website?
  • Go to
  • Log on to the site by clicking the green > Login button top right and entering username and password
  • Once logged on click the green > My Profile button top right
  • Scroll down the page and click the blue circle > Post a Job icon
  • The Create a vacancy page will appear
  • Compete all fields on the page
  • Upload additional information on the job role, add twitter, website and a company logo
  • Review the form by clicking the green > Preview button bottom left
  • Review the information and if happy click the green > Submit button top right
  • If you wish to make changes click the green > Edit button top right then > Submit
  • The RES Forum Office will be notified that a job has been submitted. We will review the posting and if everything is correct approve
  • The vacancy will then be live on the Website!