US Domestic Relocation Policy Changes incorporating Lump-Sum: A RES Forum member organisation is looking to understand whether other companies have made changes to their US Domestic Relocation Policies to take account of greater demand for the Lump-Sum Approach. To take part click here

Cross-Border Remote Working Policies: RES Forum member organisation (Tetra Pak Group) wishes to learn how other companies are regulating Cross-Border Remote Working as well as governance models and support models for employees. To take part click here
International New Hire Policy - Ford: Ford in Europe is considering the implementation of an International New Hires policy. The policy would aim to provide a level of support to new hire employees being directly hired from outside the hiring country. The policy under consideration would offer a set of ‘core’ benefits that apply to all employees and an additional set of discretionary (‘flex’) benefits that could be offered should they be required. Ford is interested in benchmarking this approach with other RES members. To take part click here
Personal Choice Relocations and Assignments: A member organisation is looking to understand what kind of support companies may offer for employees looking to work overseas or permanently relocate to another jurisdiction. Your support in completing this short survey would be greatly appreciated. To take part click here