Sustainable and Responsible Global Mobility

Protests such as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future have brought environmental issues into the spotlight, with the call for sustainable and responsible management growing ever stronger. However, little is known about what this means for Global Mobility within organizations and how GM departments manage these issues.

Sustainable human practices aim to protect and strengthen our natural habitat, preserve resources and stop detrimental activities such as the emission of the large quantities of carbon associated with global warming. With respect to sustainable global mobility, some goals and activities might include minimizing carbon emissions associated with GM programmes and international moves. This could include minimizing flying, encouraging virtual teams (and training for effective team work), drawing up schemes that support responsible travel (cycling to work, using public transport), sponsoring flexible working schemes (working from home, flexibility for travel to work etc.), or selecting service vendors that prioritize sustainability.

Responsible GM would additionally strive for global fairness and justice, including initiatives such as global talent management that provides local talent with opportunities. It would be characterized by non-discrimination (age, gender, sexual orientation etc.). Global justice approaches would aim to strengthen local subsidiaries and to seek to support overall development in economically less advanced countries.

Sustainable and responsible management approaches should go far beyond a marketing or brand building initiative and should focus on integrating these practices into the DNA of the organization, placing them at the heart of competitive strategy. After all, just imagine how consumers and stakeholders (e.g. Millennials) will regard non-sustainable and non-responsible organizations in the future.

The RES Forum Annual Report 2020 Research Survey

Professor Michael Dickmann, Professor of International HRM at Cranfield University, School of Management is currently carrying out research for a report to be included in the Annual Report 2020, due out in April. We’d like to ask for your help to complete our survey which looks to understand the status quo of sustainable and responsible GM today and tries to chart possible developments in the future. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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