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RES TP Category    :           International Expat Partner Support

Global Connection is an independent international expat partner support and research organisation with proven success in contributing to the well-being and mobility of expat partners, and consequently to ensuring successful assignments. With more than 20 years of experience supporting expat partners on assignments worldwide, located in over 140 countries, encompassing 80 nationalities. Over 250 organisations make use of their services.

Their services cover the full assignment cycle from decision-making to repatriation and reintegration, and range from providing specialised information through to highly customised individual support.

The support packages are exclusively available to expat partners of assigning organisations that have a contract with Global Connection.

Their products and services make the difference in the success of expatriation of families in a cost-effective, one-stop-shop solution.

Point of Contact :Jacqueline van Haaften - Managing Director
Tel :+31 (0)182 300 000
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