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Harmony Relocation Network consists of on-the-ground service providers for moving and destination services, so we are used to being in close contact with transferees on a daily basis. All the usual safety and precaution measures are taken, across our network, and industry wide as well. All companies follow the global WHO safety protocols for personal interactions. Of course, most interactions with clients take place electronically, such as home surveys using video tools, virtual area-, school- and property viewing, language and cultural training. These technologies were already widely applied so no real change.

Because of the wide variety of countries we serve annually (180 countries), each service order will be impacted differently. In those countries where service continues, we ask our local companies to share with us their (local) security protocol, and make sure transferees receive and agree to that that prior to commencement of the service. The global WHO protocol is leading, but this may be customized to comply with local laws. If transferees cancel or postpone the move on their own initiative, we will communicate back to the clients’ service initiator to ask for further instructions. We also anticipate that even if relocations are executed, travel restrictions may prevent them from getting a work-permit or visa, in which case we advise to store the household goods at origin, particularly if houses need to be emptied.

I’m sure you will find that in dealing with our network of companies, mostly small to medium sized family owned companies, that after health & safety, the actual service to our customers remains the highest priority. The Covid-19 situation is something which impacts all of us, and we will have to support each other where possible.

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