Over the past two years you’ve dealt with many challenges posed by the pandemic. You’ve donned Agile Strategic Advisor hats. You’ve assessed risks, adapted processes and created new policies. And you’ve taken your seat at the top table.

Now, everyone’s talking about the New Normal, as though the world will somehow settle into a steady state. Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s quite so simple. Let’s be honest, “Normal” has been redefined almost daily over the last two years.

Rather than a definitive New Normal, we believe there’s a Next Normal around the corner. It’s likely there’s another Next Normal not far behind that. There’s no knowing how long a Normal will last, but we’re excited to investigate each one.

After all, investigating changes in global mobility is what we do. We speak to industry experts. We listen to our global network. Then we share our findings with you.

And that’s exactly what our next RES Live! is all about.

Having teamed up with the EU funded GLOMO project, we’ve been discussing the Next Normal with people from all sorts of industries. CHROs, HR & Rewards leaders and mobility professionals have spoken to us about the future of cross-border working.

Now that our team have crunched the numbers, chewed over the anecdotes, and digested the insights, we’re ready to serve up our findings just for you.

Join us for RES Live! on the 10th of November at 1pm GMT. Global Mobility is moving into the Next Normal. Discover what it means for your business.

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