Research on the Value of Hiring Self-Initiated Repatriates conducted by Prof. Michael Dickmann of Cranfield UniversityYour chance to participate!

Professor Michael Dickmann of Cranfield University is conducting research around the Value of Hiring Self-Initiated Repatriates into your organisation and is looking for RES members who are UK based who would be willing to participate in the study.

What is the research about?

The research is entitled "The Careers and Value for the Organisations of Inter-organisational Self-Initiated Returners (iSIRs)" and the researchers will be looking at the career systems in certain countries, at the perceived reasons to hire self-initiated repatriates (SIRs), at the value that they bring to their organisations and at their career progression. Prof. Dickmann and his team will be looking to establish the value of international experience of iSIRs and whether organisations factor this into their Global Mobility planning.

Who are you looking for to participate in the research?

Prof. Dickmann would like to interview 10 RES member companies, 5 with more than 250 employees and 5 companies with less than 250 employees.

The companies must be UK based, or must be the UK part of a multi-national organisation.

What is the format and content of the interviews?

The interviews will take place by telephone on 14 to 16 April and will last approx 45 minutes. The interviewer will be Professor Dickmann, and you will be discussing the re-entry of former expatriates into your home country (the UK's) labour market their career development and the value to the company of hiring this group people.

What are the benefits to me of participating?

You'll receive the full results of the report to assist you and your organisation to better plan for the future. In addition, Prof. Dickmann would be pleased to reserve 15 minutes at the end of the interview for you to discuss any other mobility questions or issues currently affecting your organisation.

I would like to participate- what should I do next?

Email us at confirming the following information-

Your name

Your job title

Your company name

The number of employees in your organisation

Your work location

Your availability on 14, 15 and 16 April