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At The RES Forum, we provide off-the-shelf global key assignment documentation, template assignment and relocation contracts. These documents are fully compliant, consistent and cover compensation, relocation and assignment benefits, tax and social security. Use of these documents will lower assignment management costs and significantly reduce risk and liability issues for organisations.

Poorly structured assignment agreements can be hugely expensive for organisations. Often, they can result in unexpected taxation liabilities in both countries for both employer and employee. Without standard policies, every assignment is effectively treated as an exception. Neither the employer nor employee is satisfied with the result.

The RES Forum are supporting Mobility Professionals by providing a high quality, comprehensive and fully compliant global key assignment documentation repository. These ready-to-use documents allow companies to move and assign employees quickly and efficiently and de-risk the process.

In total there are 32 document templates available either individually or as product bundles. To preview a number of these, click on the relevant document below :

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