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Globoforce is a leading provider of social recognition solutions, helping companies build strong cultures of engaged employees through the power of thanks.

Named one of the Best Workplaces by the Great Place To Work® Institute,Globoforce is trusted by some of most admired companies in the world to inspire and energize employees and create best places to work.

Our award-winning SaaS technology and proven methodologies empower HR and business leaders to take a modern, more strategic approach to recognition programmes. What results is measurable business success, qualified by increases in employee engagement, retention and productivity.

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ebook: the secret to Happy Employees

Gartner Report: Use Seven Best Practices to Plan Your Recognition and Rewards Project

Get the right partner and technology for your business needs

Are you looking to modernize recognition and rewards for your employees?

Advances in “cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technologies” make implementing this kind of platform easier than ever before. Learn how to evaluate vendors and find a recognition solution that matches your culture and results in a “system that users actually want to use.”

Download this objective report and discover:
How to align technology with multiple generations of employees in the workplace
How a global high-tech firm used social recognition to engage and retain employees
What to look for during the RFP process, including integration capabilities, global rewards fulfillment, and mobile applications

Aberdeen Report: The Art of Appreciation: Top-Tier Employee Recognition

79% of companies indicate a shortage of critical skills in the labor pool. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of retaining your top talent, when most employees no longer feel they owe employers a certain number of years in a job.

Download this report and learn how companies are successfully using social recognition to motivate employees and protect revenue, customer retention, and employee retention.

Read about:
The importance of appreciation in the workplace
How to implement social recognition
Impact of social recognition on your key metrics

Aberdeen Report: Want Top-Notch Productivity? Look No Further Than Social Technology

Boost employee productivity and internal collaboration


What differentiates best-in-class companies from the rest? Best-in-class companies harness social tools most effectively to improve their collaboration, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace. They recognize that social tools empower employees to collaborate and overcome any hurdles in their workflow. The result is better communication, response times, and even customer retention.

Download this report and get some key insights into how social tools can be a key differentiator for your company.

Read about:
Business benefits of implementing social technology
How social technology impacts customer service
Steps for a smoother implementation

eBook: 3 Tips for Putting the Human Back in HR

Who doesn’t want to create a culture where employees love their jobs and believe in company values? But how does that actually happen?

New research shows that one roadblock to creating a stellar culture is perception. Do your employees actually believe leaders care about creating a human workplace? What can you do to change that perception?

Read our ebook and learn:
How employees define a human workplace
3 impactful human workplace practices
The ROI of more frequent recognition

Recognition Blueprint

An Expert’s Guide to Building Culture and Engagement through Recognition

Recognition Blueprint

You believe in the power of recognition to achieve bottom line business results. But how can you be sure that your program is calibrated to achieve maximum results? This quick guide offers an at-a-glance primer on the best practices for employee recognition, with practical tips for getting maximum results in culture management and employee engagement. Be sure your program can:
Offer innovative insights for talent management
Provide real-time metrics for measuring & managing your culture
Calibrate recognition for maximum employee engagement

A 10-step Guide to Working More Human

Lessons Learned from WorkHuman 2015

What happens when you bring leading writers, academics, and thinkers together for 48 hours to discuss the future of work? For one, you get a ton of thought-provoking and game-changing ideas about the human workplace.

If you’re looking for ways to bring the WorkHuman mindset back to your organization, this 10-step guide is chock full of ideas—from Arianna Huffington’s wellness tips to Shawn Achor’s happiness techniques and Robert Emmons’ gratitude guidelines.

Use this white paper to infuse your work culture with purpose, happiness, appreciation and respect.

Just some of what you will learn:
Ways to build a culture of givers
How to give better feedback
Tips for great recognition

2015 SHRM / Globoforce Employee Recognition Report

The right culture, focused on the nurturing the relationships that matter within organizations, can mean the difference between success and failure—not just to HR but to the business.

In this 2015 report, drawn from the SHRM/Globoforce Recognition Survey, more than 800 HR leaders and practitioners share their perspectives on the challenges and innovations that are transforming today’s corporate cultures. Download this report and learn:
How values-based recognition is moving the needle for company culture.
What are the biggest challenges facing today’s HR professionals.
How organizations are building a more human workplace.
Top objectives and best practices for years of service programs.


How The Hershey Company transformed its global recognition strategy

With 20,000 employees in 17 countries, The Hershey Company is a powerful consumer brand driven by a multigenerational, global workforce. So how does the company whose mission is to bring goodness to the world empower such a diverse employee base?

The answer lies in their culture of recognition. Join us as we discuss how The Hershey Company built a successful programme that is global, yet locally relevant, and unites employees with a single set of culture values. Cesar Villa, Director of Compensation Global Functions at The Hershey Company, will talk about programme execution and the impressive results to date.

You will learn:
Tips for engaging employees to support programme adoption
How to create a communications campaign that drives viral awareness
Tactics for socialising early and gaining senior-level buy-in

The Power of Thanks: Driving Culture and Communications with Social Recognition

Recorded November 4, 2015

derek_irvineEmployee appreciation and social recognition is a proven way to improve team dynamics and open up communication in your culture.

Join Derek Irvine, VP, Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce and co-author of The Power of Thanks as he shares the inner workings and success stories of some of the world’s most admired companies.

Weaving together research and powerful examples, Derek makes a compelling business case for employee recognition and appreciation in the workplace to improve engagement and internal communications.

What you’ll learn:
How recognition impacts internal communications, builds trust and engagement amongst employees
How to modernize recognition for today’s social, global, multi-generational workforce
What success looks like: proven recognition strategies and best practices to elevate employee engagement, increase retention, and improve bottom-line results
Examples of recognition programs from leading organizations, including The Hershey Company, Globoforce and more

Better Than Robots: Why Your Employees Deserve a More Human Workplace

Recorded October 14th

Admit it. Life would be a lot easier if our employees were robots. They’d be more predictable, and a heck of a lot more manageable. As we seek to gain more and more big data in HCM it seems like that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Measure and manage our cultures into a robot paradise. But that way lies danger. It is the humanity in our employees that provides the creativity, the innovation and the heart that makes our businesses really succeed.

We’re in the ‘real’ people business, and our employees need a real human workplace and culture to thrive and prosper. This webinar will give you the insight to what works and what doesn’t, and help you reimagine the concept of work-life balance.

You will learn:
5 tips for creating a more human workplace
A case study of how one company built a better culture
HR “best practices” that actually hurt workplace culture

Why we need more romance in business

Recorded on September 22nd, 2015

Tim Leberecht, CMO of design firm NBBJ and author of the much acclaimed book THE BUSINESS ROMANTIC, believes that a century after the industrial age, we are facing another “great disenchantment,” this time propelled by the connected age with its growing datafication, constant digital overwhelm, and radical transparency. Business is divorced from the full expression of our humanity, and for many of us something is missing, something both essential and immeasurable that lets us see the world with fresh eyes every day: romance.

Master his “Rules of Enchantment” to design customer and workplace experiences that surprise and delight. Create meaning and even magic by connecting with something greater and more powerful than yourself. Learn how serendipitous and inexplicable moments like random digressions, acts of collective generosity, and exuberant, passionate outbursts create romance and energy that lead to outsized achievements.

You will learn:
Why romance is different from purpose, happiness, or wellbeing
How to build romantic brands and organizations
How to create customer and employee experiences that encourage and celebrate more romance
Why CEOs increasingly seek employees with liberal arts degrees
How romantic themes such as hermitage, public intimacy, suffering, break-ups, secret societies, symbolic knowledge work, and (con) artistry can inject relationships and cultures with magic
How to measure Business Romanticism (or not)
How to convert a cynic – and other action items from The Business Romantic Starter Kit

The Culture and Attitude of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Recorded on August 20th

Are you cultivating a mindful work environment for yourself and your employees? Curious what mindfulness in the workplace might look like and how it can impact your culture?

Mindfulness means becoming aware of one’s thoughts and emotions and bringing one’s mind to the present moment. It’s the act of getting in touch with one’s self. In this webinar, WorkHuman speaker and author Gadadhara Pandit Dasa and Globoforce’s Darcy Jacobsen discuss how to use mindfulness to develop a more positive, healthy, and happier work environment that results in growth for individuals as well as organizations.

You will learn:
Benefits of implementing mindfulness into corporate culture
Making and offering healthier choices at work
Meditation techniques for increasing focus and productivity

Webinar: The Power of Thanks Roundtable Discussion

Are you interested in new, creative ways to improve team dynamics? Do you strive for a happier team-level culture? In the new book The Power of Thanks, authors Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine explore the inner workings of the world’s most admired companies. Weaving together research and real-world success stories, they make a compelling business case for emphasizing recognition and appreciation in the workplace.

Join Laurie Ruettimann for a roundtable discussion with Eric and Derek as they share powerful research and stories on crafting a meaningful, productive work culture.

What you’ll learn:
How to modernize recognition for today’s social, global, multi-generational workforce
Examples of recognition programs from leading companies
Impact of strategic recognition on engagement and company culture

2020: The Future of Employee Engagement in the Global Workplace

Ten years ago many companies ignored employee engagement—calling it too soft or difficult to define. But today those same companies are laser-focused on measuring and managing their companies’ engagement. Will that focus look the same in ten years? Or even five years?

Join Jennifer Reimert, former Symantec VP of Total Rewards and current Globoforce VP of Solutions Consulting, and Darcy Jacobsen as they discuss where engagement has been and where it will take us in the future.

During the webinar you’ll learn:
How companies are defining and measuring engagement today
Challenges and solutions for managing engagement in a global workplace
How employee engagement is already evolving
Workplace predictions for 2020