Dealing with a pandemic isn't easy - especially for Global Mobility.

But then, you're an inventive, resourceful and resilient bunch. You adapted, overcame and succeeded. And we want to celebrate your achievements.

As we move into 2021, we want to highlight some of the amazing achievements of our GM brethren. And, we figured, what better way than with a competition that shows off your hard work throughout this most difficult of times.

As well as celebrating your successes from last year, we’d also love to see your ideas and plans for 2021 and beyond. The RES Forum is all about best practice and, with so many changes and challenges ahead, this is our ideal chance to learn and grow together as a global community.

We want this to be inclusive, authentic and engaging. And we want to celebrate the vibrant potential of the RES Forum as a place for ideas, collaborations and new ways of working.

Examples will come from the last 12 months, focussing on:

  • Employees on an existing international assignment when the pandemic struck
  • Employees in the process of relocating
  • Employees family member(s) needing help
  • Employees needing to take an urgent international business trip
  • Employees stuck in a place they didn’t want to be.   

What’s next?

Provide us with a brief summary of what you did, when you did it, how you did it, who you did it for? And how will it affect your plans and ambitions for 2021…?

Be as creative as you like – text, pictures, video… a song! We’re happy to receive your submission in any format (so long as you use the following file types docx, doc, jpeg, mp4).

With your permission, we’d love to share your stories as part of a social media campaign. Clearly, we’ll treat your work responsibly and ethically and will adhere to fair use protocols. Please provide your consent as part of your submission.

We’ll follow up with the winners to bring your stories to life through a simple, friendly interviews (it’ll be fine, we promise). This will show off your amazing achievements and help us all learn together.

The judges

The winner will be decided by a panel of judges, including the RES Forum leadership team and our academic partners at Cranfield and Newcastle Business Schools. 

They’ll rate your submissions based on:

  • Originality
  • Scalability - could this be applied to others?
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Wow factor


The lucky winner will receive a RES Forum Consultancy pack worth up to GBP 12,500.


  • Benchmarking report
  • Policy templates
  • One day consultation fee 
  • Two free places at RESUpskill sessions in 2021.

Runner-up: Benchmarking report, plus two free places at RESUpskill sessions.

  • Worth up to GBP 4,500.

2nd / 3rd Runner-up: three free places RESUpskill

  • Worth up to GBP 750

Next 10: two free places at RESUpskill

  • Worth GBP 500

All participants will receive a consolidated report, developed by our academic partners, covering consolidated learning and best practice from the submissions.


  • Accepted file types: docx, doc, jpg, mp4.