The RES Forum has signed a multi-year research agreement with Leuphana University of Lüneburg in Germany. As part of this agreement Birte Manke, under the supervision of Benjamin Bader Professor of Strategic Management and Organization, will undertake research on topics identified by The RES Forum and its global membership of HR professionals. Professor Bader is one of the world’s leading authorities in Global Mobility (GM), has published extensively and is a recognized thought leader in the field. Quarterly research papers will be produced as part of this project and these outputs, 12 in total over a 3-year period, will sit alongside the RES Forum Annual Report and represent core research from The RES Forum. The research papers will be of the highest quality, reflect academic rigor, be visually attractive and contain key/punchy take-aways (headlines and lessons) and be written in user friendly business language that is easily consumed.

The RES Forum wishes to grow and enhance its position as thought leaders and specialists in GM knowledge, data and analytics whose strong reputation and brand are synonymous with exceptional quality output.

In order to support the needs of our growing membership and Technical Partner base, and increase engagement levels still further, we have embarked upon this ambitious project.

Research Partnering Opportunity
The quality of the content and output of these research papers will be on a par with that of the RES Forum’s Annual Report. This will reinforce The RES Forum’s brand, profile and credibility in the market and provide an ideal opportunity for RES Forum Research Partners to do the same by leveraging the brand association and creating top of mind awareness amongst our 1,250 members of their company name and the services they provide to this market.

In order to fund this project The RES Forum is looking to attract sponsorship from its Technical Partner network and other collaborative partners.

Benefits to your Organisation ?

  • Association with The RES Forum brand and position your organisation as technical specialists and market leaders
  • Builds Research Partner profile globally
  • Collateral with your brand that can be shared with customers and prospects
  • Reinforces your direct involvement in a market leading research agenda which will provide differentiation for your organisation in commercial bids and tender opportunities
  • Opportunity to benefit from PR and publicity via known International HR and Global Mobility publications
  • Shared and syndicated sponsorship with an affordable level of cost participation

This research will be shared directly with our growing membership (currently 1,250), be showcased at and on occasion used as headline themes in c.25 events annually and appear in the leading HR publications including HR Magazine, Personnel Today, People Management, mainstream press (including the Financial Times) as well as other trade journals in the US and Asia. An extensive list of RES press coverage is contained in the file below:

Please click here for The RES Forum Media Coverage.

What will be Produced Each Quarter ?

Report Summary:One document summarising the research and findings
Report Deck:One report deck (~12 page ppt) for presentation
Infographic:Visual representation of data and presentation of key findings in graphic story format

For some research output, there may also be

Video:One 3-4minute video of the reports content and key findings.
Animation :One animated slide deck with voiceover

Research output will be produced each quarter (4 per year) for 3 years (12 in total) starting December 2016.

Each output (all in soft copy format) will have a dedicated location for sponsor branding – logos on the cover page and a single page inside with logos, web addresses and contact details. Note that sponsor names and logos will have equal prominence.

The output and messaging will be crisp, professional and visually amazing.

The first research topic output - Repatriation in Focus: International Assignments as Career Boosters?
Is contained in the following documents –

Full report, click here

Infographic summary of the report findings, click here

PowerPoint slide deck that you can use to share the results with your team, click here

Refer to the Appendix below for the current list of proposed Research Topics (the order and exact topics areas may be subject to change).

How much will Sponsorship Cost ?

The research and production cost of each report is £16k. Then RES Forum will invest £4k in subsidy against each report. Consequently the annual cost of the research agenda for which we are seeking sponsorship is £48k [£12k per report] – shared amongst multiple partners. Note :

  • Sponsors can sign-up for a 3-year term or specify a single year [2017, 2018, 2019]
  • Alternatively, they can choose an individual report(s) that they would like to sponsor
  • Min commitments are :
    • £3k per report
    • £10k per annum [covers all 4 reports in the year]
    • £25k for the 3 year term [covers all 12 reports over the 3 year term]
  • The research output will be ‘global’ i.e. a single set of collateral for distribution, and will not vary by region
  • Fees will be payable either quarterly or annually in advance or will be invoiced for individual report sponsorship/production
  • Sponsors can be invoiced in GBP or USD and payments made by bank transfer or by Credit Card.

If you would like to be involved as a sponsor in what will be a market leading multi-year research agenda can you please confirm your interest by emailing Ken Scott at

The next sponsored research report is due for publication in March 2017 and is entitled Global Mobility Diversity in Focus. We would like to receive sponsor commitments by Friday 13th January 2017.

Kind Regards

The RES Forum Team

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Marketing Manager
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