Sterling Lexicon

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Sterling Lexicon is a leading provider of global mobility services. With a focus on providing flexible solutions for clients of every size, Sterling Lexicon supports corporate and government organizations, their employees and their mobility programs throughout the world. Lexicon Relocation has full-service facilities strategically located around the world in Shanghai, China; Newbury, England; Shelton, CT; Atlanta, GA; Cincinnati, OH; and Irvine, CA, with corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. By staying true to the basic principles that have been in place since Sterling Lexiicon's inception in 1993, most importantly listening to the needs and the voice of customers, Sterling Lexicon focuses on what is on the horizon and creates effective and economically grounded solutions. Innovation is at the very core of Sterling Lexicon’s business model and they continually reinvent the way they serve customers. Sterling Lexicon brings the world to your doorstep, one employee at a time.

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