A recent survey showed that most of our members preferred more traditional forms of contact, but for those looking to join and those who speak on global mobility, we'd like to remind them of our social media channels.

Our Facebook page is The RES Forum. If you prefer this method, be sure to like the page and leave  comment to get our blogposts and shares from our content partners.

The Twitter feed is our way of staying in touch with the expatriate community and those that service them. Please follow us at Twitter.com/theresforum, and be sure to send Jim, Heather, or Ken a note if you have a question.

If LinkedIn is your preferred source of information - check out our two online groups.

The Corporate Vendor Group is for those of you who serve the community, but are not working with expatriates for a corporation.

The RES Forum Members group is a private group just for our members. If you've signed up, be sure to join your fellow members.


The newsletter signup is also the access to the Forum. If you're a global mobility professional, consider registering and joining your fellows. And if you have stories or comments to share, contact Jim at theresforum@gmail.com.

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