If you thought figuring out time zones was bad, wait until you run into the conflicting calendars of expatriate work. July 4th is coming up, a big holiday for the United States where they set off fireworks, grill meat, and celebrate their independence from well, someone. Luckily this falls on a Saturday, so you can […]

The successful assignment paradox

May 28, 2015 |

The organisation I currently work for is reaching an inflection point. Global mobility programmes have traditionally been used tactically, to facilitate the movement of employees to specific locations to complete defined project work, the objective of which was easily understood in margin/quality terms. Now there is an appetite to set-up a permanent presence in selected […]

Mobility in 2020

Jan 25, 2015 |
Bridging the Great Divide in HR

It’s an interesting question, being asked as I have to speak via live webcast to 47000 employees of a major German company about the future of international mobility and how to truly mobilise our workforce. So many things run through my mind….. the complexities of increasingly different assignment types, the classic arguments for ‘one size […]

The Influence of Culture on Comfort

Jun 4, 2014 |
Job Applicants in Germany

There’s no universal standard for what constitutes a comfortable temperature – it depends on what we’re used to. But as the world changes, the definition of comfort is changing with it.Siestas – those glorious, three hour midday breaks – used to be as much a part of Mexican culture as Mariachi and Cinco de Mayo. […]