We all love mobile apps. After all, what’s not to love about these easily accessible pieces of technology? The viral app trends of Whatsapp, Candy Crush and Angry Birds, is evidence enough that the generation of Millennials love apps. Not only are apps the go-to problem solver for Generation Y, but are also a growing commodity for Generation X.

With this wider demographic in mind, it is important that companies recognise mobile applications as a vital supplier of information amongst other sources. Not just a means of entertainment, mobile apps can provide assistance in almost any situation. Yes, even relocation!

Think about what people would do in a world without Google maps, mobile app banking, or even a simple weather app. The popularity of mobile apps is in their capacity to make life generally easier - whether it be socially, academically or, most importantly, in the work place. By incorporating technology, companies can ease necessary tasks such as moving employees globally and make the stressful process of relocating a little easier.

Bristol’s new Elite Mobile app assists relocating employees and their families navigate every stage of their relocation by connecting employees, in real-time, to their relocation services, information, dates and contacts. Elite Mobile is secure, safe and free for all relocating employees of Bristol Global's clients and customers. It enables them to access a variety of key relocation facts and status about their transfer from anywhere in the world at a touch of a screen.

Elite Mobile app users can:

  • Access relocation contacts like their Mobility Advisor, school search specialist, temporary housing contact among others
  • Submit expenses for reimbursement
  • Review expense reports and submitted receipts
  • Access move management shipments and key dates
  • Review temporary living housing details and key dates
  • Gain access to home sale information

  • Submit instant feedback to their Bristol Global Mobility Advisor
  • Gain access to Country and even local neighbourhood information

Relocating to a new country can be challenging especially when you have to attend to full time job responsibilities. But relocating can be made easier thanks to technology!

Written by

Alex Felstead
Business Development Manager