The Continued Evolution of Global Mobility

Feb 29, 2024 |

Global Mobility Leader, Technology Sector I find one of the important attributes of the RES Forum is its involvement in academic studies and commentary on Global Mobility. Central to this is the access they provide to thought leaders and researchers such as Michael Dickmann, Benjamin Bader and Rodrigo Mello. This article and its associated research […]

A black and white image showing a single person sat in the left-most of a row of four chairs silhouetted against a large window that overlooks an airport. The wing of an aeroplane extends from the right-hand side of the image almost as far as the person. The chairs are reflected in the shiny floor, with two rows running perpendicular to the row the person is sat on. On the right-hand side to the top of the image are the words “The Future of Global Mobility based on pandemic and pre-pandemic behaviours.” In the bottom left it says, “A potential paradigm shift in Global Mobility?” The RES Forum logo is to the bottom right.

Francine Smith, Senior Global Mobility Consultant, IPM Global   Global Mobility has undergone significant disruption in recent years. As we reflect on the new post-pandemic era, organizations will surely face further unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This piece considers a few of those trends shaping the future landscape of global mobility, and the need for agility, […]


Dec 7, 2023 |
A setting sun shines through the narrow gap in a compass that is looking West. The compass and the hand that’s holding it fill most of the right-hand side of the image. Around it, a blurred background reveals a lake thinged red at the edges, giving way to mountains that rise gently either side. SAFE to SAFE(R) is written in the top left corner. Below that, it says Mastering New Work with SAFE(R) Global Mobility. The RES Forum logo is the to right.

by David Enser, Partner at the RES Forum International Human Resource Management (IHRM) and cross-border staffing practices have been profoundly impacted by recent geopolitical crises and the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this dynamic landscape, it is imperative that these practices evolve to become more resilient. The RES Forum’s SAFE(R) model – Smart, Agile, Flawless, Efficient, […]

A low down shot across a wide grassy field that becomes a line of trees about halfway up the image. A light frost along the ground and a low mist that obscures the background makes the image feel wintery. The low sun, peering out about the trees, combined with the frost suggests it’s early morning. In the top right corner, it says “Global Mobility – a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.” In the bottom right corner, it says “Mastering New Work with SAFE(R) Global Mobility.” The RES Forum

by Nicky Taylor, Head of Corporate Global Mobility at Nestlé   As the world emerges from the uncertainty and volatility of the last few years, GM functions are feeling the pressure. Nothing new there, mobility teams have always been under pressure, right? Well yes. Perhaps we didn’t appreciate it at the time, but on reflection […]

Resilience is the fee for a seat at the top table

Oct 12, 2023 |
A snow covered tree stands proudly on a snowy, rocky outcrop in the foreground to the righthand side. Behind it, the gray sea blends into a pink sky with light clouds. Across the top is written, “Resilience is the fee for a seat at the top table.” In the bottom left is written “Resilience and GM, lessons learned and the road ahead.” The RES Forum logo is in the bottom right.

by Carla Foden, Growth Leader and Managing Consultant at Gallagher Pre COVID-19 GM was seen, in many cases, as a non-revenue generating blocker. The idea that GM could be a major player seemed to be blue sky thinking. Only those with significantly sized programmes had the luxury of being pro-active and strategic.   Post pandemic, […]

Writing resilience into the GM playbook

Sep 28, 2023 |
A car drives along a winding road through a dense, autumnal woodland. Across the top in bright teal are the words “writing resilience into the GM playbook.” In the bottom left is written “Resilience and GM, lessons learned and the road ahead.” The RES Forum logo is in the bottom right.

by Louise Worbey, Global Head of GM, KPMG International In July 2020 I wrote an article titled “flexibility and agility post COVID-19.” In it, I proposed that the flexibility and agility already embraced by GM functions would be invaluable in adapting to whatever new normal came from the pandemic. GM leaders would need to articulate […]

Technological resilience in Global Mobility

Sep 7, 2023 |
A hand holds a light bulb against a pink background with the words technological resilience in global mobility and resilience and GM, lessons learned and the road ahead. The RES Forum

Written by Damian Porter, Noah Mobility   Resilience in Global Mobility (GM) involves coping with disruption, adapting to changing circumstances and maintaining efficiency in mobility services. COVID-19 is a striking example of a disruption that severely impacted our GM world. Borders closed, flights were grounded, and travel restrictions were enforced, leaving millions stranded and businesses […]

Global Mobility’s future, a Canadian view

Aug 10, 2023 |

Written by Lisa Hulet, VP of Business Development, Sirva A look back In the 1990’s in Canada, companies primarily relocated middle-aged employees (typically men) accompanied by their spouse and children. They were typically offered a Guaranteed Home Sale program, and the relocation packages were quite robust. The companies that relocated most frequently were Canada’s five […]

Illustration of two brothers holding hands in different nations. "Navigating the choppy waters of international parenting." "Expat Children and their role in successful global mobility." "The RES Forum."

Written by David Enser, RES Forum Director The first, somewhat bold, statement I’d like to make is that many organisations are out of touch with what constitutes a family. Most now acknowledge that the married couple cliché, the 2.4 children, etc. are no longer to be assumed. But experience shows that many haven’t got their […]

Illustration of a young girl surrounded by silhouettes filled with different national flags. “The wellbeing of relocating children is more important than ever.” Expat children and their role in successful global mobility. The RES Forum.

Written by Brenda Bellon, Director of Intercultural Services for Sirva   The COVID-19 pandemic showed the world just how vulnerable children are. The pandemic caused a tremendous amount of stress for everyone, but rates of depression and anxiety among young people rose even more dramatically than for adults. We know that international moves are one […]