It’s an interesting question, being asked as I have to speak via live webcast to 47000 employees of a major German company about the future of international mobility and how to truly mobilise our workforce. So many things run through my mind..... the complexities of increasingly different assignment types, the classic arguments for ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, generational differences in motivations for accepting assignments, are Gen Y really mobile?... the acceptance of mobility and international cross-fertilisation of employees as a conscious choice and direction taken by a multinational organisation – for the latter I highly recommend reading about Perlmutter’s EPRG model, certainly food for thought. Does an organisation make a conscious choice about how it wants to be? or rather become a product of its own evolutionary cycle?

One thing is for certain, flexible working cross border is the new norm – cross-border commuters, third country nationals, short term assignees and business travellers, and even foreign remote workers!

The joys of working in mobility!!

Post by David Enser