One of the common questions jobseekers have when relocating is the difference in cost of living from their current homes. And while the relocation package is always a nice benefit, the impact of maintaining a standard of living for expatriates is a major factor in retention, as well as recruitment

Our partner ECA International serves as a valuable resource in proving asset management reports and information to help you understand the costs, policies, and differential for employees in global mobility. What separates them from the dry and dusty data is their focus on quality of life issues for expatriates.

Check out their money blog, ECA Money Moves. And then imagine if you have 12 people working in Greece who are experiencing challenges in accessing their salaries from the local banks. Or picture those four developers in Signapore who are paid from your headquarters in San Francisco, whose monthly salary changes because the exchange rate fluctuates in response to the markets in the European Union. When it's time for their six month employee evaluation with a bonus attached, that's not exactly "gut feel" time. For a comprehensive list of their solutions, check out their site, but consider adding their Twitter and blog sites to your reading as well.