Here at the RES Forum, we get our share of cultural oddities, namely when Ken (that's me), talks to his American counterpart Jim on Skype. Jim is a Texan, and pretty much every call has to ask me what a word means. The best line was when he said that I was the one who spoke real English (I'm Scottish). Not easily offended, we get along swimmingly, but this isn't always the case.

One of our partners, The RW3 Culture Wizard, trains workforces to get along.  Using a curriculum they developed over decades in international HR, they walk you through cultural models of behavior using online and instructor led classes. It's a skillset called Intercultural Training. So first, if this is something you're looking for, sign in to the website and you can get the contact info to get started, but don't forget to bookmark their Culture Blog as well.

Their latest items include:

They have a great post on building interpersonal trust with remote teams in India.

They have a do's and don'ts list for international travel.

They do a Look, Listen and Read feature that discusses Chinese culture.

I think we need to step up our blogging game to compete. They're definitely on our reading list, as well as on our technical partner list. Check them out. It's good reading, and good for you.