The advent of a New Year means one thing and one thing only: a fresh start. For millions, that translates as jotting down a series of aims and sticking to them. Some join a local gym in an effort trim down; others choose to learn a new skill. However, sticking by them is a different story altogether. Come April it’s sink or swim, as many of us ditch our goals and revert back to our old ways.

For those relocating, turning over a new leaf presents a great opportunity for stress management and organisation. With a few simple steps you can make the laborious task of moving overseas that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Start as you mean to go on with these top five resolutions for relocating:

Learn a new language

And by that we don’t mean cramming in a last minute lesson on the flight over. Go to the effort of downloading one of the many language apps available on your smartphone, ahead of schedule.

MindSnacks, for example, teaches you the nuts and bolts of everyday conversation, using games as a visual aid, while Busuu gives you the opportunity to submit your written exercises to native speakers. Alternatively, you can try an e-learning platform like Babbel.

Not only will a new language boost your career, it’s also useful for making new friends and sorting through difficult tasks like tax returns. Allow at least several weeks to get to grips with the basics. At two hours a day, five days a week, you can make some impressive headway.

Get involved

Nothing says integration like taking part in the community. Acclimatise quicker by joining a club or signing up your children to a sports team. Churches are a great port of call for functions in the local area, especially if you’re keen to do some charity work.

Rather than visiting a big supermarket chain, why not pop on down to that independent grocery store on the corner. Chances are the same people shop there week in and week out, which gives you the perfect excuse to get chatting.

Go green

We can all do more to help the environment. Even if you’re not moving into an energy efficient home, doesn’t mean you can’t recycle. Where possible, use eco-friendly cleaning products, energy efficient bulbs and low VOC paint.

Those staying in serviced apartments to begin with needn’t worry about driving. Close proximity to local train and bus stations means you’re able to cut your petrol and diesel emissions significantly.

Eat healthily

While the moving process leaves little time for cooking initially, once you’ve settled there’s no reason why you can’t source local ingredients. A change of location should inspire a desire to show off your gastronomy skills - it’s certainly a great way to impress your new neighbours.

Quick and easy to follow recipes can be found everywhere these days from BBC Good Food to the Big Oven cooking app.

Take charge of post-booking stress

As tempting as it might be to just leave boxes hanging around at your new home, you’ll only end up with clutter in the long run. Do yourself a favour and get rid of them. No one wants to live in a storage facility, and you’ll waste less time searching for your possessions as a result.