Years ago, studies suggested that employees spend more time planning their vacations then they spend planning their careers. That was long before the rise of the Internet, when sites like JetSetter and TripAdvisor offered instant access to beautiful hotels, scenic views, and holiday bargains.

While we're not a vacation review site, there's no doubt one of the lures of expatriate work is the ability to travel. Every global mobility professional has to have some stories and sights up their sleeves when working on asset management.

The winter in the US this year was colder than most. Recruiters would send pictures to candidates showing the snow, and the beach. Worked well if you had jobs in Florida or California. Not so much if you were trying to move people to Buffalo.

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Not all snow is bad, of course, but you have to learn to showcase what expat life can be. Check out these resources to get ideas, and links, that can be used to help make up for the loads of paperwork on tax policy.

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