VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous – the reality in which we as International HR operate, and the theme for our upcoming Autumn 2015 RES Forum event series at Chelsea FC in London, Reebok / adidas Group in Canton, MA and Barclays Bank in Hong Kong.

Geopolitics, mass migration, conflict, economic turmoil, demographic change, shifting norms and the end of certainties – all contribute to the shaping of an already complex HR function into one that sits at the heart of international exchanges between organisations & entities.

No longer the poorer cousin of the reward family, I believe mobility now has a unique opportunity to support strategy definition and execution in a way that previously didn’t exist. A modern mobility organisation can fulfil all the requirements of an expert and / or transactional function whilst also providing additional benefit through its inherent expertise and the passion of those working within mobility for all things international be they historical, legal, cultural, or linguistic. Business has never before been so global and the need for facilitators and navigators between peoples, systems and cultures so great, and it is in this niche that I see the opportunity to flourish for mobility.

The global talent pool is evolving, the audience much broader through generation, race and gender, the demand greater to create moments that matter in a post-talent war world where choice sits in the hand of the candidate and where innovative start-ups take on established large brands in their fight to stand out and attract the first truly global generation and an increasingly mobile global workforce.

Business models change, automation rules, value creation prevails and data is king.

The RES Forum will be undertaking further research in this area over the next 6 months- watch this space!”

David Enser (Partner)
The RES Forum