English cuisine is a constant cause for debate. The truth is, many of our signature dishes fall down due to the fact that high quality ingredients aren’t always used. But the same can be said of every country.

Go into your local cafe and you’ll find they may use standard sausages that contain less than 50% pork; the bacon is full of water content and shrinks when cooked, whilst many places precook ‘filler’ elements of dishes that lose their flavour. Maybe that’s the reason you see so many condiments dotted around the place – to distract from the taste of the food.

Post by Caroline Saunders, Silverdoor

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  1. hmm..not sure i agree on the point about every country has quality issues…Italians pride themselves in high quality ingredients ..sauces are only ever used to enhance food rather than diguise poor quality meet..you will rarely have a steak with sauce for example and there is also the ‘slow food movement’ a cultural counter weight to fast food..and as for bacon..you pump your with water..we try and dry ours out..says it all really

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