The Grand Tour was the highlight of noble European youth for two hundred years, a perk of the upper crust to travel to Italy in search of the roots of Western civilization and of course, sunny beaches. After the advent of rail in the 1800's, the Grand Tour was opened to travelers of more modest means, but the allure still remains.


The modern traveler may not have cravats and a fistful of ducats, but the wanderlust remains. The question, is does today's digital native have tricks that enhance the Tour? And do you know what they are?

Kevin Carrillo, a digital native who works at Sabre (a big travel technology company and the back-end of many travel sites), took his trip through Europe, sharing what made it so easy.

What's the secret? Google, WhatsApp, Tripcase, AirBnB... it might not seem impressive to global travelers who pop down to Ecuador for the day or consider Dubai a must-stop whenever they travel, but imagine setting up your vacation to the Singapore through your phone, or to Iowa. Kevin's trip was fascinating to watch, and to read, especially if you've made the trip yourself.

When you're planning travel, even your random connections have something to offer. Kevin Carrillo is a friend of a Facebook friend, and yet, look what I learned from him. And of course, he's not a Twitter follower.

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