Dynamics of Differences- Gender Diversity in Global Mobility – RES Forum/ Leuphana University Quarterly Research Paper out now!

We are delighted to share the latest RES Forum and Leuphana University Research Paper, written by Professor Benjamin Bader and PhD Candidate Birte Manke of Leuphana University on Gender Diversity in Global Mobility.

Organisational diversity is often seen as an important prerequisite for creativity and innovation within an organisation. While women make up to about 40% of the global work force, only an estimated 15 - 25% of international assignees are women. Despite the fact that women make up such a large proportion of the workforce today, they continue to face challenges and obstacles to career progression that men do not seem to face. However, a well-managed and well implemented diversity programme can be an organisational cornerstone which eventually contributes to the overall success of the GM programme and to the company overall.

The latest RES Forum/ Leuphana University Quarterly Research Report, Dynamics of Differences- Gender Diversity in Global Mobility-

  • Identifies the key first steps organisations need to take in overcoming the barriers and challenges which may exist in stopping greater gender diversity within GM programmes.
  • Offers ideas, based on empirical survey results, on how organisations can embrace diversity and how they can benefit the most from it, both in mobility programmes but also in broader gender diversity initiatives.

The report materials include-

  • A full yet concise 15 page report.
  • An Infographic including a summary of Key Insights and Implications, as well as Discussion Topics to think about and address within your own organisation.
  • A PowerPoint Slide Presentation which can be used to share the report content with your teams and within your wider organisation.



We’d love to hear what you think of the report and how you plan to use it to make positive change within your organisation. Please send any feedback to us at office@theresforum.com


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Prof. Dr. Benjamin Bader
Professor of Strategic Management and Organization
Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Birte Manke, M.A.
PhD Candidate
Leuphana University of Lüneburg