When searching for tax tips and remote office technology trends, you'll occasionally stumble on the little known niche of Expat Humor.

Yeah - that's a real thing. It makes sense to folks from the US, whose love of foreign comics and ethnic comics form the basis of much of their modern humor. You don't even have to know a different language. An English Ad Executive was telling Jim (one of our social guys in the US) a story of his first experience with language mistakes. One of the exec's co-workers was complaining about holes in his pants, and the need to order new ones off the internet.

Do you get the joke? Pants in the UK are underpants. In the US, pants are trousers. Imagine talking to a coworker about ordering underwear off the internet because yours has holes in it. #EXPATLIFE!

A site that just caught our eye is called Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like. There are 220 tips on expat aid workers, including one praising Google Maps as a way to outfox local taxi drivers. If you've ever taken a trip on a Mediterranean cruise, you know that there are ports where that little tip can save you 50 pounds.

Or you can head to Pinterest, which has an Expat Humor board. (we don't take any responsibility for the pictures there. There weren't bad ones when we looked).

Do you have any favorite humor sites? We've seen people shoot video, take pictures, write journals, and make movies about expat life - maybe you even have a tip yourself. If so, feel free to share with out readers at theresforum@gmail.com, and be sure to tell us if you want your name shared or just the site.