One of the goals of the blog when we first started was to showcase some of the locations where we hold our roundtables. Our social media guy was dreaming of taking pictures of Herzogenaurach, Germany, and walking through the history of the region and the magnificent parts of the Haupstrasse.


While the participants got to see the city, we snapped pictures of our members rather than going on a sightseeing tour. The same was true in London, where people, not places were the focus of the camera.

But fear not - our intrepid consultant looked through the list of our technical partners and found a solution at Silver Door.

If you didn't make it to Knightsbridge for the London Roundtable, know that you can relive the experience if you're ever in the area with a serviced apartment from our friends at Silver Door. It's called Bromptom Apartments, it's in Knightsbridge, and I'm sure they won't mind if we link to the image of their corporate lodging for travelers.

Our technical partners offer services to our forum members, knowing that the size and scope of the global mobility job is a broad one, and every little bit of knowledge can help. So if you're thinking of joining, check out that page to see pre-vetted vendors. We like them (and not just for their pictures). We think you will too.