Bridging the Great Divide in HR

For years, HR managers have been the enforcers when it comes to establishing employee policies and setting standards for behavior, conduct, and expectations. But in many ways, they’ve become more enmeshed in the demands of corporate compliance than they have in the realm of talent management, engagement, learning and training, and other critical attributes of […]

The Influence of Culture on Comfort

Jun 4, 2014 |
Job Applicants in Germany

There’s no universal standard for what constitutes a comfortable temperature – it depends on what we’re used to. But as the world changes, the definition of comfort is changing with it.Siestas – those glorious, three hour midday breaks – used to be as much a part of Mexican culture as Mariachi and Cinco de Mayo. […]

Relocation Provision affects Assignment Success

Successful international relocation of employees and their dependants requires the co-ordination of a number of related activities and procedures. For long-term international assignments relocation normally consists of the following three integrated stages: 1) preparation, including country briefings, language training, look-see visits and assistance with closing utilities contracts etc; 2) travelling to the host country, plus […]