On a black backround. Filling the right-hand side, the earth is surrounded by a network of interconnected nodes joined by a rainbow of lines that glow faintly. To the left, it says “What is the role of the supplier in the changing landscape of DEIB in Global Mobility?” Beneath that, “Shaping the future of Global Mobility”. At the bottom, on the right-hand side is the RES Forum logo.

Pauline Houston, Senior Vice President Business Development, SilverDoor In recent years, there has been an encouraging shift in the priorities of global governments and corporates regarding the safety, security, and well-being of their people and the ethical practices of their supply chains. Businesses are increasingly demanding compliance to DEIB metrics from their vendors and providers. […]

A black and white image showing a single person sat in the left-most of a row of four chairs silhouetted against a large window that overlooks an airport. The wing of an aeroplane extends from the right-hand side of the image almost as far as the person. The chairs are reflected in the shiny floor, with two rows running perpendicular to the row the person is sat on. On the right-hand side to the top of the image are the words “The Future of Global Mobility based on pandemic and pre-pandemic behaviours.” In the bottom left it says, “A potential paradigm shift in Global Mobility?” The RES Forum logo is to the bottom right.

Francine Smith, Senior Global Mobility Consultant, IPM Global   Global Mobility has undergone significant disruption in recent years. As we reflect on the new post-pandemic era, organizations will surely face further unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This piece considers a few of those trends shaping the future landscape of global mobility, and the need for agility, […]

Writing resilience into the GM playbook

Sep 28, 2023 |
A car drives along a winding road through a dense, autumnal woodland. Across the top in bright teal are the words “writing resilience into the GM playbook.” In the bottom left is written “Resilience and GM, lessons learned and the road ahead.” The RES Forum logo is in the bottom right.

by Louise Worbey, Global Head of GM, KPMG International In July 2020 I wrote an article titled “flexibility and agility post COVID-19.” In it, I proposed that the flexibility and agility already embraced by GM functions would be invaluable in adapting to whatever new normal came from the pandemic. GM leaders would need to articulate […]

Technological resilience in Global Mobility

Sep 7, 2023 |
A hand holds a light bulb against a pink background with the words technological resilience in global mobility and resilience and GM, lessons learned and the road ahead. The RES Forum

Written by Damian Porter, Noah Mobility   Resilience in Global Mobility (GM) involves coping with disruption, adapting to changing circumstances and maintaining efficiency in mobility services. COVID-19 is a striking example of a disruption that severely impacted our GM world. Borders closed, flights were grounded, and travel restrictions were enforced, leaving millions stranded and businesses […]

Be prepared to compete for the world’s best talent – Work from anywhere – practical issues and future possibilities. The RES Forum. Flags from around the world hanging from the vaulted ceiling of O’Hare International Airport, Chicago.

Written by Martina Kaul and Doris Huber, licensed German tax advisors and Directors at WTS Germany   When it comes to Hybrid Work – occasional business trips across the border in place of a complete relocation with the family – good preparation from an employment law, tax and social security perspective is the be-all and […]

The CHESS Framework in action

Oct 27, 2022 |
Traffic light sign almost submerged in water beneath the words The CHESS Framework in action – Sustainable Global Mobility, introducing the CHESS Framework. The RES Forum

Written by Paul Barnes, Inspire Global Mobility Consulting I read the RES Forum’s research on Sustainability in Global Mobility (GM) several times to ensure I fully understood its purpose and goals. I approached it through the lens of a GM professional managing different sizes and scopes of mobility programs. I also considered the importance of […]

While Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has become a primary concern amongst global mobility leaders, finding a balanced approach to implementation can be problematic. SilverDoor’s Vice President of Business Development, Pauline Houston, shares her thoughts on why many companies struggle to find a pathway suited to them and suggests the best approach to finding a solution. […]

Chessboard from above under the words “It’s time for global mobility to stop making plans and start planning

Written by Rich Ballot, General Counsel at BGRS   “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” – Dwight D. Eisenhower The RES Forum’s research focus on global mobility in times of conflict and crisis, as a resource for our member companies and mobility practitioners, could not be more relevant or timely. Surprising times As the […]

The temporary housing market in the Middle East is one of the most well established amongst the emerging markets. Driven by cultural preferences and large volumes of historic corporate travel, Middle Eastern cities typically offer a wide array of budget, mid-range, and high end long-stay accommodation well suited to relocating assignees. Unlike other regions, a […]

Addressing DE&I in global mobility

May 5, 2022 |
Roof tops from above under the words Addressing DE&I in Global Mobility

Written by Emma Dodwell-Groves, BGRS   Organisations are widely beginning to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in their mobility programs. They are considering, perhaps for the first time, unconventional families, differing levels of accessibility, neurodiversity, gender and sexual orientation safety concerns, and a wide array of other disclosed or undisclosed diversity needs that may […]