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Written by Damian Porter, Noah Mobility


Resilience in Global Mobility (GM) involves coping with disruption, adapting to changing circumstances and maintaining efficiency in mobility services.

COVID-19 is a striking example of a disruption that severely impacted our GM world. Borders closed, flights were grounded, and travel restrictions were enforced, leaving millions stranded and businesses paralyzed.

But people adapted and resilient practices emerged. Companies had to move employees quickly. All the while, employees moved themselves wherever they liked, without always realising the myriad of implications of doing so. Digital solutions played a significant role in helping us adapt. They allowed for virtual meetings, remote working and online training. Digital also reduced the impact of travel restrictions.

Very quickly, the pandemic changed our industry. The rapid learning curve brought GM to the ‘top table’. It forced us to alter our processes and procedures. And it highlighted the importance of well-implemented technology infrastructures that will stand up to future disruption. Organizations that had previously invested in digital infrastructure transitioned more smoothly and much earlier in the crisis.


Better technology


As a provider to the GM industry with a relocation technology platform, we are aware of an increasingly interconnected world, where GM and technology continue to be important - and continue to evolve.

Companies demand better technology solutions, not only to manage the relocation processes, but also to support the recruitment and management of a global employee base. There are many efficient and cost-effective solutions available, all designed to make processes easier and more streamlined, while ensuring companies remain resilient, adaptable and flexible.

In response to companies seeking better solutions, technology providers have a responsibility to provide solutions that are fit-for-purpose, while helping to evolve the industry. The days of Excel spreadsheets are a distant memory, as newer solutions become business critical and more appealing to use.


Technological resilience


From a technology perspective, resilience involves the capacity to withstand disruption, maintain critical systems, and rapidly recover from cyberattacks, natural disasters and hardware failures.

We must remain mindful of data management and cybersecurity. As businesses and individuals rely more on cloud storage and digital platforms, risks associated with data breaches and cyber threats increase. Resilient technology systems include robust security measures, backup and recovery mechanisms, and constant monitoring to detect and respond promptly to potential threats.

Resilience in GM and technology is indispensable for navigating the challenges and uncertainties of our interconnected world. The pandemic demonstrated the importance of adaptable practices and resilient technology infrastructures to overcome disruptions. In the GM world, the right technology can mitigate some of these issues.

The future of GM and technology lies in embracing innovative solutions such as smart cities, blockchain, and 5G networks to enhance efficiency, security, and sustainability. Moreover, fostering collaboration among governments, businesses and individuals will be vital to building a more resilient GM and technology ecosystem.

By prioritizing resilience and embracing technological advancements, we can create a world where GM is seamless, technology empowers growth, and societies are better equipped to overcome adversities on the path to a more connected and sustainable future.


About Noah Mobility


We support companies and their employees during the entire process of relocation. Our aspiration: a first-class customer experience. Our promise: the perfect interaction of intuitive, efficient technology, personal support and flexible service selection. Whether via our app or our platform, we find the best consultant for your employees. At the same time, we provide our GM clients with an updated overview of employee relocation status and other useful data. People are at the centre of all our actions – we focus on fairness towards customers, employees and partners. This is how we set a new standard in the people mobility industry.

Our clients move their employees across borders, facilitated by new technologies that bridge geographies and enable improved communication. Offering new-to-market technology, we work continuously to improve these solutions to help customers build their organisational resilience, ensuring their strategic adaptability, operational flexibility and risk management processes.

GM and HR professionals historically worked in large departments where the left hand didn’t always know what the right hand was doing. From a technology perspective, we are now in a position where we can reduce the manpower, make processes simpler, and provide HR teams with better support and transparency. This also provides a significant cost-saving opportunity and a chance to invest in the team.

Technology gives us the opportunity to adapt, change and mitigate risk for the entire GM supply chain. However, as a provider to GM, we recognise the importance of the ‘human touch’ and, despite the efficiency of the technology, this must remain a key focus.